Builder's Resume at South Coast Home Builders, Inc.

James E. Clark

CA. License # 788025
Phone: 858-967-1048



Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Texas at El Paso

Career Experience:
From 1979 to present, James Clark has constructed 165+ custom homes in California and Texas.

2001-Present: President/CEO of South Coast Home Builders, Inc.
  1. Manage all aspects of “high end” single-family residential construction.
  2. These responsibilities included planning projects through all phases of construction, estimating and creating material and labor “take-offs”, developing supplemental specifications for all plans and the bid process, developing scopes of work for all tradesmen and suppliers, bidding of each project, developing preliminary and final budgets, scheduling and coordinating of projects, management of multiple projects, implementing and monitoring cost controls to stay in budget and on time for each project, negotiating contracts with tradesmen and suppliers, and monitoring of the projects for quality control.
  3. Currently hold California General Contractors License # 788025, James Everett Clark.
2000-2001: Set up and developed new base of operations in Murrieta, Ca.

1996-2000: Developed two residential subdivisions for “high end” patio homes.
  1. Developed 28 lots in Mesa Del Castillo subdivision.
    1. Constructed and sold 28 custom patio homes.
  2. Developed 40 lots in Mesa Linda subdivision.
    1. Constructed and sold 38 custom patio homes.
1979-2000: Custom Homes By James E. Clark, Inc.-President/CEO
  1. Built, and managed all aspects of “high end” single-family residential construction.
  2. Developed, constructed, and sold 18 duplexes, 2 triplexes, and 11 quadruplexes.
1978-1988: Stockholder in the following related businesses in El Paso, Texas:
  1. Century 21 Clark Bros. Inc.-President and Acting Broker.
    1. Listed and sold residential and income properties.
  2. J. M. Clark Contractors, Inc.-President/CEO
    1. In charge of all aspects of construction, from design through “turnkey” construction
  3. Clark Bros. Property Management, Inc.-Vice President.
    1. Company managed over 300 residential rental properties.
1975-1977: Operating partner of Eastside Precast Concrete-in charge of all facets of the business including product design, manufacturing, marketing, installation, and distribution.

(See attached Details to Professional Experience)

Computer Proficiency:
    Computer proficient in Microsoft Excel (for estimating and project budget), Word, and Microsoft Project 2006 (for project scheduling).
Civic and Business Responsibilities:
    1993-1995: Served on Board of Directors for El Paso Homebuilder’s Association, NAHB affiliate
    1991-1992: Served on Lake Willows Architectural Control Committee
    1986-1988: Served on Lake Willows Architectural Control Committee
    1985-1987: Built in Lake Willows “Showcase of Homes”
    1984: Built in “Parade of Homes” sponsored by the El Paso Homebuilder’s Association, NAHB affiliate
Personal Characteristics:
    Experience, knowledge, leadership, confidence, excellent communication skills, demonstrates integrity and professionalism, self-motivated, enthusiastic, encourages excellence through teamwork, goal oriented, customer oriented, pro-active with regard to construction issues, works well under pressure to meet deadlines, and respectful and courteous to all parties at all times.
Interests and Hobbies:
    Golf, skiing, mystery novels, movies, and computers.
    Upon Request.


  • Have thirty-three (33) years experience constructing “high-end” residences and estates in California and Texas.
  • Utilizing Microsoft Excel, wrote, designed, and implemented estimating format, “take off sheets”, for all labor, materials, specific job overhead, and equipment.
  • Utilizing Microsoft Excel, established a cost database to quickly produce preliminary cost estimates, in a line item format, for potential clients.
  • With the help of my attorney, wrote, developed, and implemented building contracts between General Contractor and Owner/Buyer. Based on my experience in building high-end residences, developed specific language to assist and protect both parties. One is in a Cost Plus format and the other is in a Lump Sum (Fixed Price) format.
  • Wrote, developed, and implemented contracts between General Contractor and Subcontractors with specific Scope Of Work for each trade.
  • Wrote, designed, and produced a general scope of work for each trade and then supervised the specific revisions for a specific project.
  • Wrote, developed, and implemented job descriptions and responsibilities for Project Manager and Field Superintendent.
  • Wrote, developed, and implemented the “Superintendent’s Checklist” to be utilized in the field on all projects.
  • Established procedures for the “bid process” to ensure all subcontractors and suppliers are “on the same page” with us.
  • Supervised the comparison and evaluation of all bids with relationship to cost estimates to establish specific job budgets on each project.
  • Supervised negotiations with subcontractors, suppliers, and owners to obtain the best bids, not necessarily the lowest, so a “high-end”, quality product could be delivered to the client.
  • Implemented plan for potential problems “early on” to preclude them from happening.
  • Studied plans and specifications and developed “Scope of Work” to setup Microsoft Project scheduler.
  • Supervised the construction schedule and budget for each project.
  • Negotiated with owners and real estate agents to acquire and develop land.
  • Planned and presented land projects for zoning changes or variances to city/county officials.
  • Supervised the development of specific job budgets based on plans, specifications, and the scope of work required.
  • Supervised the approval of all invoices and compared actual job costs with budgets twice monthly on all projects.
  • Directed and supervised the preparation of financial and cash flow statements to track the progress of the business.
  • Reviewed progress reports on all projects with project managers on a weekly basis.
  • Conferred with architectural, civil and structural engineers to resolve particular problems and develop “value engineering” alternatives on each project.
  • Conducted weekly inspections of all projects with project managers to ensure that the work conformed to plans, specifications, and client’s expectations.
  • Negotiated land development contracts with civil engineers and subcontractors.
  • Designed format for color finishes and selection sheets to be utilized by designer/ decorator for clients.
  • Interpreted company policies via project managers to employees and setup a plan for regular safety meetings at each job site.
  • Initiated bonus incentive plans for project managers and superintendents based on “bringing projects in on time and in budget” and a new client referral system.
  • Analyzed real estate market trends, demographics, and economic conditions to forecast new home sales.
  • Contacted businesses, community, and civic organizations to stay involved in the community.
  • Local North County San Diego and Temecula/Murrieta, CA network for subcontractors, suppliers, and lending institutions.
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