Frequently Asked Questions at South Coast Home Builders, Inc.

How early should a builder get involved in my project?
A Builder should be brought into the design fold as early as possible. Preferably prior to even commissioning a set of plans with an architect. The earlier your builder is involved, the more input he can provide with regard to cost and logistic considerations.

What will my home cost?
Estimates on cost are very similar to time schedules in the sense that they are only as accurate as the amount of time and deliberation that has gone into developing them. Example: If you don’t know what plumbing fixtures, appliances, and flooring materials will be, you will not know what your home will cost.

How long will the building process take?
While many builders may be very eager to give you an answer to this question there are entirely too many variables and factors to have a boiler plate answer. This is not to say that time estimates are impossible to give, but can only be as accurate as the amount of time and energy that has gone into the project. In other words be very dubious of a quick answer. The size and complexity of the plans and specifications will determine the number of months it will take to build your new home.

Who will be supervising the project?
All projects will have a supervisor on site on a daily basis that is under the direction of South Coast Home Builders. Your builder, James Clark, will be involved daily with the progress of your new home.

Can I use a set of plans I found on the internet to save money?
While most people are often confused at the seemingly huge disparities between a set of “plans” found through a plan service i.e. bookstore, magazine, internet plans and architectural/ designer plan, a conscientious client will understand the importance of their own input, the consideration of the site and the function and form of the home as it relates to their lifestyle.

Where do I find a good architect or designer?
We have several good architects and designers with an abundance of knowledge and experience that can be of service if you do not have your own.

What is design build?
“Design Build" is hiring a building contractor, architect, or designer to design and build your new home. One of the advantages of this method is you have one person or firm doing the design work and then building your home. This way nothing gets lost in the interpretation of the plans and specifications. The same people are attending all the meetings and involved in the same conversations. Another advantage is that there can be significant cost savings by having one firm or person doing all the work.
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