Green Building by South Coast Home Builders, Inc.

The largest purchase that most families make is a new home. Consequently, it is no surprise that more and more families want to invest in an eco friendly custom home. A custom green home is designed, built and maintained with a theme of lessening the impact on the environment and controlling the yearly cost.

Although green technology is the latest rage, at South Coast Home Builders, we have incorporated many green products and technologies into our custom homes for over twelve (12) years.

Green building techniques don't know style, they aren't partial to one geographic location and they don't look "out of place". Green building is intended to provide certain intrinsic benefits. Choosing the right materials and technology during the build is an integral part of achieving the desired goal of building green. Both the homeowner and builder must be on the same page regarding construction and maintenance to ensure the proper performance of green technology in your new custom home. The custom homebuilder and the home owner, through their maintenance, together can often provide:
  • Lower heating/cooling bills with programmable HVAC thermostats which provides multiple time and temperature settings
  • High efficiency 14 + SEER mechanical HVAC systems
  • Zoned HVAC ducting systems so only the parts of your home you want heated or cooled are supplied the desired air flow
  • Tankless water heaters used in conjunction with circulation pumps conserves hot water while providing a near endless supply of hot water
  • Personal satisfaction that you are doing your part
  • Fluorescent lights in selected recessed cans helps control your electric bills
  • Dimmer switches and occupancy sensors (in select locations) can make a difference in monthly costs
  • Selecting and using “Energy Star” appliances saves time and money through low-water use, front-loading washing machines, and other energy-saving features
  • In our custom homes, we minimize waste by ordering pre-cut wood and other materials for our job sites and recycle most of what construction waste there is
  • Green building helps lower the carbon footprint on the environment for all of us
  • Dual glazed, Low-E windows reduce heat, ultraviolet (UV) rays and provide optimum insulation
  • Installing windows that are operable which will allow for proper ventilation
  • Green building helps provide a healthier living environment for your family
  • Pre-engineered structural beams and lumber resists splitting and warping, while preserving our forests
  • Green Building provides lower costs to maintain your new custom home
  • “Whole house” or attic fans can easily pull out the excess heat out of the attic in the matter of minutes
  • Plants and trees that are drought tolerant save time and money by conserving our precious resource, water
  • Radiant barrier roof sheathing reduces the amount of heat gain in your attic, thus saving money on your energy bills.
  • Intel irrigation controllers can save upwards of 40% in water consumption
As your custom home builder, we want YOU to tell us just how green you want your new home to be and together we can make it happen!
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