Services Offered By South Coast Home Builders, Inc.

Many builders offer to provide “free estimates”. But, let’s take a minute and evaluate this. Something that is free is generally not worth much. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”. Estimating correctly requires a lot of experience and takes hours and hours if it is to be done accurately. In fact on a custom home, you should expect your builder to spend between 80 and 120 hours depending on the size and scope of work for the project. For a small fee of the anticipated cost of the project, we can initiate and develop the following services before either of us commit to building your custom dream home.

Please Note: Should you choose South Coast as your builder, this fee will be credited against the total contractor’s fee for building your new residence.
  • Develop a preliminary budget
  • Create supplemental specifications
  • Develop specific Scopes of Work for the tradesmen
  • Provide estimating for all labor and materials
  • Put the job out to bid
  • Develop and provide final Line Item Budget
  • Develop and provide a construction schedule
  • Draw up final documents for your approval
  • Obtain necessary building permit(s)
Once you we have completed these basics steps, construction can begin.
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